Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice Fathers to two sets of identical Twins Levi Lucas Lotan and Lance live in South Yorkshire here’s a little bit about our family.

The Atwal-Brice Family are very unique and cover many specialist topics around Disabilities with their older twins Levi and Lucas suffering with Autism and Epilepy and other disabilities ,They have built up a vast network of friends in the charity and media sector been ambassadors for Caudwell Children’s charity and My Afk charity’s working directly to help disabled children across the U.K.

The family have appeared on various television programs including the highest rated ‘Shop Well for less’ on BBC ONE This program aired in December and was A Christmas special it broke down many barriers and featured all their family and get the Nation talking about same sex family’s , Adoption, Fostering and Disability as it was all covered in the show , Wr are often invited to talk on national tv and radio discussing topics including Epilepsy, autism Same sex parenting , adoption and fostering and also take part in promotional videos for the above topics for various charity’s and organisations...

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Shop well for less BBC

Watch the full show on the iplayer! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06tyswq

Twin boys suffering from epilepsy denied cannabis drug on NHS

Twin boys Levi and Lucas have been denied a Cannabis based medicine Epidoilex which could help with their uncontrollable seizures. After a report from Calendar parents Paul and Michael Atwal-Brice were called to Sheffield Children Hospital. But it wasn’t the news they wanted to here. Instead of being offered the Cannabis drug they were given… View Article

British Citizen Awards

Paul has committed over 20 to years promoting diversity and inclusion, in addition to caring for two sets of adopted twin boys with his husband, Michael: one of which has both boys severely disabled with epilepsy and autism; the other, now in their teens, are considered ‘hard to place’. From a challenging background, being fostered… View Article

Loving foster families come from all walks of life

Barnsley Council is spreading the word that it’s people’s personal qualities that make them a great foster carer – not their gender or sexual orientation. Like many other people from all walks of life, Barnsley residents who are lesbian, gay, bi or transgender, may be wondering if fostering is something they can do. The answer… View Article
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A Massive Happy 43rd Birthday @AtwalBrice enjoy your day Paul x https://t.co/fSzBvJP8am atwal_family photo

😍😍😍😍Happy Birthday Levi & Lucas good luck supporting @my_AFK @captaintommoore #captiantom100 challenge @LeviandLucas https://t.co/CwUUf0z22z
atwal_family photo
Michael James Atwal-Brice @atwal_brice
Levi and Lucas reach 15 this Saturday.
This year the boys are supporting @my_AFK a charity we are very passionate about and also are ambassadors of , taking part in @captaintommoore 100 challenge and aiming to get in 100 miles on their bikes to donate https://t.co/ScTptuePFf 🥰 https://t.co/IYIG18fTNi

Thankyou so much everyone who has nominated us so far , so heartwarming ❤️ https://t.co/ffigZW11XV
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National Diversity Awards #NDA20 @ndawards
Congratulations to The Atwal-Brice family @atwal_Brice who has been nominated for the Positive Role Model (Disability) Award at The National Diversity Awards 2021. To vote please visit https://t.co/1wImKJQbNZ #NDA21 #Nominate #VotingNowOpen https://t.co/whEnZLQyG1

Daddy Michael today it’s your birthday.... wow... 37 years old!
Everything you are, all that you do is incredible. Your drive, passion for all that you stand for you should be extremely proud! Your a incredible partner,parent and great friend to so many,
all our love
Paul & boys https://t.co/B23OSxj0oM
atwal_family photo